In Tornado Outbreak it is hinted that Nimbus and Zephyr are good friends. Nimbus was a father figure towards Zephyr teaching him how to grab Fire Flyers. in Chicken Con Carnage!. Zephyr looks up to Nimbus as if he were a father to him. later in the game Nimbus makes Zephyr the leader of the Wind Warriors. Few times Nimbus would scold Zephyr and push him to continue his journey around earth. Nimbus and Zephyr also appear in the Comic.

Relationship in The Tornado Outbreak Comic. Edit

Zephyr begins to meet Nimbus for the first time. However during an invasion of Shades Stratos shields Zephyr while Nimbus defends Zephyr and the Wind Warriors. However later in the comic Nimbus tricks Cyclone causing Cyclone to poison Stratos. Zephyr, in rage smacks Cyclone in the face. Nimbus places his hand on Zephyr's shoulder and tells him to fight Cyclone another day. Nimbus then makes Zephyr the leader and the adventure continues in Tornado Outbreak.