Totems or Towers are demonic like status that Zephyr has to destroy having Red eyes and teath that try to injure the player by biting into Zephyr or a Wind Warrior. in later levels Totems began to defend themselves. The player can shield themselves by pressing and holding the [B],[RT], or [R1] however, Zephyr's speed will decrease

Chicken Con Carnage! Edit

Captain Nimbus guides Zephyr to grab fire flyers when meeting a Totem only one is seen the player or Zephyr destroys it by

(Shaking the Wiimote) (Tapping A) and (Tapping X) After this Zephyr Completes his mission.

Double Wide Damage! Edit

Nimbus teaches Zephyr to avoid the sunlight there are now 2 totem heads

Military Mayhem! Edit

After Nimbus is Captured the Wind warriors help Zephyr grabbing fire flyers in the Vortex Race.

High Rollor Blowout Edit

the totems began to defend themselves press the (B button to protect Zephyr) (RT) or (R1)

other levels Edit

Most levels act the same but include completing tasks

Trivia Edit

•The Design for Totems came from a Tiki Totem Poll

A Redesign for the totem poll was created by Jordan Kotzebue (Art Designer for Tornado Outbreak) on October 31 2017.


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