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Tornado Outbreak (2009) is an obscure action game released for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 that follows the story of a young wind elemental named Zephyr and his mission to restore several Orbs to an antimatter being, Omegaton, who was banished to our universe and weakened by flame elementals known as the Fire Flyers.

Zephyr, his mentor Nimbus, and their army of Wind Warriors vow to use the destructive power of the tornado to rid Earth's structures of the hiding Fire Flyers who are preventing Omegaton from returning to his own antimatter dimension.


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Tornado Outbreak Trailer


Tornado Outbreak has 10 levels, and each takes place at a different location around the globe. In every level (excluding the first and the last) you must collect all the Fire Flyers, free all of the elementals, create a Perfect Vortex, and never lose a warrior in the totem phase to get a perfect score. Roadside Destruction contains no elementals to rescue.

In a normal level there are three zones, a race, and a totem battle. The higher scores you get in each section, the more concept art and clips you unlock; you can find this bonus content on the level select screen up on the Moon.

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