Zephyr's model in a T-Pose in Chicken Con Carnage!

T-pose, sometimes known as a bind pose or reference pose, is the default unanimated state of a model in 3D graphics. This pose is often with all of a model's various parts straightened out or flattened for ease of animation. For most characters, this results in a pose where the legs are straight and the arms are pointing sideways in a T-shape.

Description Edit

While a game is in development, character models are created and later textured; in this case, the bind pose acts as the best way to allow the development team to apply textures to character models,While the vast majority of characters in Tornado Outbreak use standard T-poses, certain characters have variants due to their body characteristics. Zephyr,Nimbus and The Wind Warriors for instance, have their arms extended in front of their bodies, while The Water Whirl's model forces her to take on an "A-pose" instead of a T-pose. In Tornado Outbreak Zephyr's pose depicts him in transforming into a tornado, and wiping his forehead with his arm.