The Stone Smasher is the brother of the Water Whirls. They

are made out of rock and voiced by Lev Liberman. The Stone Smasher is also called the Stone Stomper by Captain Nimbus. They look like a pile of rocks.

Bio Edit

Rock beings orginally warriors of Omegaton. With the Water Whirls these creatures were banished to the earth forced to sleep in slumber. They are awoken by Zephyr or the Wind Warriors. once awoken they thank Zephyr and the Wind Warrior and they fly to their homeworld.

Collecting Edit

when the player goes near these rock guys. Zephyr or the Wind Warrior can Pounce on The Stone Smashers to wake them up they thank the two heros and they return to their homeworld if the player grows at a level 8 or higher Tornado both Stone Smasher and the Water whirls will be killed. Due to being trapped in the vortex!

Tutorial Transcript Edit

Stone Smashers: Glad to see you made it. My kind would like to help you on your mission...let me show you some Earth power. I'll teach you the stone stomp.

Stone Smasher: let me show how to stomp. Stomping will help you uncover those pesky Fire Flyers!


Stone Smasher: Press the (A) button to perform the Stone stomp. Go ahead and give it a try!

Trivia Edit

*Stone Smasher is voiced by Lev Liberman. Who also voices: Nimbus,Wind Warriors

*Nimbus slighty Respects the Stone Smashers. He called them the "Stone Stompers"

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