Roadside Destruction! is the first Level in Tornado Outbreak it is the tutorial map for the game. The map takes place on Route 66.

Plot Edit

After the events of the Tornado Outbreak Comic, The Wind Warriors travel to Earth,where Nimbus teaches Zephyr how to use his tornado. Zephyr, transforming into a tornado destroys a fruit stand,a loose cannon,the world's largest ball,a statue of Paul Bunyan,and destroying a dinosaur theme park. As soon as the Wind Warriors travel to space Zephyr explains to the player how he and the Wind Warriors met the anti matter being, Omegaton.

Layout Edit

Roadside Destruction's layout is very similar to the training level in Chicken Con Carnage!. As players must destroy a certain object in order to advance to the next area of the map, in this case the five mention structures above. Unlike the training level, players aren't timed, meaning that the player can fully explore the level without any consequences. Players are also limited to the things to destroy,and the level preventing the player from growing any bigger.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Tornado Outbreak demo,the level had no clouds,along with the color of Zephyr's tornado was different too.
  • The level has an unused multiplayer stage that is fully functional.