"The greatest hero of a strange, backwards dimension that he described as an anti-matter universe--whatever THAT is....."
Zephyr's comment about Omegaton in The Secret Origin src

Omegaton first appears in the beginning of the game as a helpless being floating through space. He is rescued by The Wind Warriors and taken to their home. He then tells them that the Fire Flyers are his enemies and stole his power orbs. In order to help get his orbs back, he gives The Wind Warriors a device known as the L.O.A.D. S.T.A.R.R., which provides them with shade in the daytime and a device to contain captured Fire Flyers. At a certain point in the game, Omegaton starts creating earthquakes on Earth, becoming more powerful as he was reunited with each orb. However, The Wind Warriors believe, at first, that the Fire Flyer totems are responsible for the earthquakes since they rise up out of the earth each time The Wind Warriors find an orb.