in the game Tornado Outbreak players can choose to have a friend on the map by pressing + on Wii start on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players control Zephyr and a wind warrior each player gets their own tornadoes and players can drop out in the options in the menu.

Gameplay Edit

Once the second player joins the game the Wind Warrior becomes playable. Players can either share the same screen,or enable the split screen option in the menu. Players can work together or compete head to head and see how many Fire Flyers the player can obtain.If the player is larger then the second player Nimbus or the Wind Warrior will explain by moving close to the largest player their tornado can grow.

Vortex Race Edit

Zephyr will ask the Wind Warrior to shield his tornado while driving. During the vortex race players must steer Zephyr's tornado and hold the grab button to shield himself from the Fire Flyers.

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