Coastal Calamity is the 9th level in Tornado Outbreak. It takes place after Camelot Falls!. and Nimbus reappears now!

Plot Edit

The Wind Warriors have recovered Nimbus's pale body. However he is weaken supposedly by the Fire Flyers. iDuring an Earthquake Nimbus, In pain screams for Zephyr to wait before passing out. Zephyr blames the Fire Flyers and plans to get revenge.. While Zephyr was destroying a totem a ball of fire explodes the building and exposes the orb. Zephyr and or a Wind Warrior will have to move towards the totems then destroy them. after this A large hand pops up and Omegaton roars. Zephyr in the end punches Him in kidneys (cut).

Trivia Edit

  • First level to take place in Japan
  • Nimbus's first returning appearance