Chicken Con Carnage is the second level in the game Tornado Outbreak. the level is based of a chickenfarm. In the level the player learns the basic of grabbing Fire Flyers and destroying Totems. starting as a level 0 tornado the player grows into a city destructive tornado wrecking havoc around the area!

Plot Edit

Zephyr after completing Roadside Destruction is told to advance to the level by Nimbus. players will learn how to grab fire flyers to boast up the L.O.A.D.S.T.A.R.R.'s timer in the beginning of the level, Nimbus tells the player that he or she must walk before they can run. By destroying small objects in order to run and destroy larger objects. Zephyr then destroys a barn and follows Nimbus to a silo. Telling Zephyr that he will need to hurry up and destroy a silo before the L.O.A.D. S.T.A.R.R. shuts down. again Zephyr destroys the silo when the Fire Flyers appear running into an abandoned campground leaving Zephyr and Nimbus.

Training Edit

During the training Nimbus teaches the player how to collect fire flyers. To collect a fire Flyer hold down the [B] [RT] [R1} button to grab the flyer. to collect the flyer hold down the grab button to collect a chain of flyers. However Zephyr's speed will decrease