Carnival Chaos is the sixth level in Tornado Outbreak taking place in an amusement park. the player Zephyr and or a Wind Warrior learn a new move, the Stone Stomp.

Plot Edit

Zephyr searches for Nimbus, however he only finds his cape the writing says TURN BACK ignoring it Zephyr meets a new being called the Stone Smasher who teaches him the Stone Stomp only asking to free his brothers. after this an earthquake shakes trapping 4 wind warriors in the ground beneath them Zephyr, trying to keep it together promises the Wind Warriors for paid vacations and days off. Zephyr however lies.

Trophies/achievements Edit

  • Coaster Toaster! (Complete Carnival Chaos!)
  • Mix Masta Stomp (Perform a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 things.)
  • Spirit Slaughter house! (absorb 100 flyers at once.)