There are some objects that were removed due to lack of space or for unknown reasons.

Beta Edit

zephyr's tornado was larger then the second model of his tornado.

Zephyr's tornado was sketchy however this was changed to make Zephyr's tornado more realistic

Zephyr's tornado was orginally black but removed due to color

Zephyr's entire body orginally blue but was change due to unknown reasons

The L.O.A.D. S.T.A.R.R. was orginally called the S.T.O,R.M. C.E.L.L. however change due to copyright

Zephyr was not going to a playable character in the game instead an wind warrior however this was changed

for unknown reasons

Captain Nimbus's scarf and cape was orginally blue but removed for unknown reasons

Captain Nimbus was going to have a tornado but removed due to lack of space

Stages Edit

in High Roller Blowout! an large theater was going to in the game due to the lack of space

in Carnival Chaos! there was going to be more rides to destroy but removed due to the lack of space

in Camelot Falls! there was going to be weapons but removed due lack of space

Zephyrs name was originally Eddie but was changed

Glitches Edit

there are some glitches in the game caused by scratches on the disc or the game being dirty

in Roadside Destruction! Chicken Con Carnage! and High Roller Blowout! if the player finds a top

hill and uses the stone stomp the game will glitch causing the game to crash on the

Wii version but not the PS3 or the Xbox 360 version or the camera being upside down

in Chicken Con Carnage! if the player destroys the barn and is first before Nimbus he

will disappear

also in Chicken Con Carnage! if the player absorb 50 fire flyers at one time the game will

crash only on the Wii version and on the Xbox 360 version

in Double Wide Damage! in co op mode if player 2 has more fire flyers then

player 1 pressing A very quickly causes the game to make a buzzing noise and

crash only on the Wii version

In Military Mayhem! on zone 3 pressing A on Wii or A on Xbox 360 X on PS3 very quickly

causes the player the go in the sunlight but not die however in co op player 2 will be in

the sunlight

Removed Content Edit

some content was removed because due to violence or unknown reasons however they can be unlock

some had to be removed due to content not suitable for younger children

in Chicken Con Carnage! in the cut-scene zephyr gets hit with bugs an then he hits a tree removed due to violence

in Military Mayhem! in the cut-scene the fire flyers after hurting Nimbus the fire flyers were mask and zephyr laughts removed due to cruel humor

in Riling Village! in the cut-scene the L.O.A.D. S.T.A.R.R. explodes and killing zephyr and the wind warriors

removed due to violence

in Camelot falls! in the cut-scene zephyr is eaten by Jaws removed due to violence and copyright of the

movie Jaws

in Camelot falls! in the cut-scene zephyr wearing a cast around his head and bruises is injured by

an whale removed due to violence

in Camelot falls! in the cut-scene zephyr crying having a bruise eye and wearing an eye patch a cast around

his arms is killed by S.S. Titanic removed due to violence

Triva Edit

Tornado outbreak video game was suppose to be released on July 19 2007 but was changed to September 15 2009

*Tornado Outbreak has a ton of unused sounds and unused dialog